Charlie Schneider & Becky Grajeda: Pedal-boat in Prague

As the Vltava River pushes, shivers, eddies, and inexorably makes it´s way through the ancient city of Prague, it embodies nothing less than the deep sense of space and time that the city has simultaneously inhabited and shaped over the centuries. The river´s appeal is perhaps most apparent in the summer, when locals and tourists alike are drawn to its banks to drink and socialize with family, friends, and lovers as afternoons ebb into evenings and the heat is dissipated by proximity with the water: the Vltava is the lifeblood of the city. Recorded near the pylons of the Most Ligii, “Pedal-boat in Prague” aims to capture the ever-present but ephemeral human rhythms, represented by the varied and overlapping cadences of the pedal-boat, that interact and surround the Vltava. “Pedal-boat in Prague” is two-channel field recording-based composition. The structure is two-point musical counterpoint. The material in the right channel is a duplicate of that in the left channel (the right enters at 00:01:19) delayed by four seconds. At times the audio in the right channel raises in amplitude, and when combined with the repetitive rhythm of the pedals moving through the water captured in the recording, the right channel seems to be ahead of the left. The contrapuntal structure and interplay of the audio channels between left and right reflect and accentuate the bipedal action and effort which powered the boat.

Becky Grajeda is a sound artist based in Chicago. Grajeda is interested in field recording, sound assemblage and multi-channel installation; of particular interest are the sounds of machinations, moving bodies, and vocal inflection and intonation in speech. Charlie Schneider is a California-based interdisciplinary artist interested in ideas of impermanence and change, and of human relationships to people in place. Within this context, he is particularly interested in water as subject, material, and metaphor.

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