Craig Burgess: Etude Drop (Liquid) Collisions

Etude Drop (Liquid) Collisions was composed as a study and exploration of captured water/water droplet audio compositional content. The aim was to create transformed material that could be layered and combined for compositional purposes, enabling interesting arrangements, relationships and structures to develop and form both through and within the source material. The Etude Drop (Liquid) Collisions piece is inspired by the theme of time and in particular Simon Emmerson´s concept of the changing now. An important aspect of the piece is how this relationship influences, as Emmerson states, “the listening experience through our apprehension of the present and its apparent trajectory within an immediately perceived environment. What happened an instant ago may influence what I am hearing now.” Within the structure and framework of the Etude Drop (Liquid) Collisions piece this concept relates to both the way water droplets interact with various masses of water and also how the material interacts and the relationships therein form. A study and exploration of captured water/water droplet collisional content to create transformational material for compositional purposes.
Craig Burgess is an electroacoustic composer, sound designer, lecturer & audio engineer based in Manchester, England combining found sound, musical textures & aural stimuli to create engaging compositions & innovative sound design pieces. Craig likes to experiment with recorded audio material of various form and composite to explore the creative possibilities of sound & compositional techniques & strategies. Capturing material of varied source from field recordings to found sound & controlled environments, Craig likes to combine source audio material with processed, transformed, manipulated, synthesised, effected & diffused outputs to research potential creative ideas & concepts. He is currently studying for an MMus in Electroacoustic Music Composition at the University of Manchester under the guidance of Doctor Ricardo Climent and Professor David Berezan. Presently Craig is playing & experimenting with MaxMSP, field recordings, graphical scores, sound object transformation, Pro Tools, speakers, microphone techniques, SPEAR, the concept of spectromorphology, a guitar effects pedal, Ambisonics and some MIDI controllers.

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