Edu Comelles: Sínia

Sínia or Sènia, in catalan, is the given name for a noria, a wheel-like machine used for lifting water into a small aqueduct or for the purpose of irrigation. It consist on a vertical iron wheel with a chain of buckets attached to it. Norias used to be driven by animals, turning another wheel to make the vertical one to spin, and therefore lifting the water. On the outskirts of Torredembarra (Tarragona) there is a substantial concentration of those water machines, probably due to a underground aquifer that supplied water for the agriculture fields around. Those machines that were used on the past, now a days are out of order and even abandoned, allowing the iron to rust as time goes by. The local government has put some effort on keeping it or even restoring it, still those water constructions are just a witness of local agriculture now gone. A sound that used to shape countryside water soundscape in the Tarragona region is now gone after years of implementing big and ambitious hydraulic plans bringing water from hundreds of miles away. This piece is based on the idea of making the rusted iron wheel to work again. The piece is a recording of a sound improvisation performed spinning the wheel. The outcome is a sound piece that evokes the long gone sound of the noria by using it again, without water and without animal traction, anything but an aesthetic exercise as purpose.

Comelles lives and works in Valencia, Spain. Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. MSc in Sound Design (Edinburgh University) MA in Visual Arts and Multimedia from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Edu Comelles worked since 2006 in sound composition. His works have been published by several netlabels, such as Resting Bell (Berlin), Test Tube (Portugal), Impulsive Habitat (Portugal) or Audiotalaia (Spain). He has been on festivals in Stockholm, Vienna, Madrid, Mexico, Edinburgh, Valencia and Barcelona, presenting its solo project or with cellist Sara Galán on Cello + Laptop project. He is currently involved in several individual and collective projects involving soundscape composition. He is also the curator of Audiotalaia a platform dedicated to publish and promote experimental music and sound art from all over the world. With Juanjo Palacios co-directs LEA Editions a label focusing on spanish field recordings. In Valencia he runs an ongoing series of concerts held on various art spaces of the city trying to bring together a small but very prolific experimental music scene. Comelles is also part of LOM an electroacoustic music ensemble formed by seven valencian musicians.

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