Heather Spence & Klaus Dobbler: Murmur

ORIGIN We are water. Water created us, sustains us, connects us. Water brings forth life. RHYTHM Rhythm of water is our rhythm. CHILDREN Children come from us and continue us. They are beauty and connect us to the future. WALL Wake up! Tune in! Unconsciously we build a wall of noise that confines us, disorients us, obscures our common origin and rhythms. Separated from our commonality, we lose ourselves, we lose everything. FUTURE We have the opportunity to respect water, our life source. Can we stop clashing and start listening? Can we restore our equilibrium through mindfulness? [[Recorded with a zoom h4n, primarily from Graz (Mur river), Berlin (swans + other samples), and Barcelona (rain)]]

Klaus Dobbler is an Audio Engineer from Austria who loves music and the sea. He is a member of the “Intelligent Acoustic Solutions” team of the Joanneum Research company, and a masters student at the University of Technology – Graz and the University of Music and Performing Arts – Graz. Dobbler´s research interests include wave propagation in solids and underwater acoustics. Classically trained in piano since the age of 10, he is deeply attuned to music and sound. Heather Spence is a Marine Biologist from the United States who combines arts and sciences in promoting sustainable solutions. She is a doctoral student at the City University of New York. Spence´s research explores use of passive acoustic monitoring to assess biodiversity and ecosystem health. Investigating aspects of dolphin and other marine communication, she is focused on overall sound patterns as well as specific signals.

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