Jono Gilmurray: Badock’s Wood II – The River Trym

This piece uses as its source material close-miked recordings of the River Trym as it flows through Badock´s Wood, a small area of 400-year-old woodland in the city of Bristol, England. Only 4.5 miles long, the River Trym gets its name from an old Anglo-Saxon word meaning “firm” or “strong one”; however, in recent years its flow has been significantly weakened due to large quantities of silt being sent into its system by a large shopping centre nearby. Nevertheless, it remains one of the key soundmarks within this small patch of ancient woodland, its gentle babbling serving to calm the mind and soothe the soul. Over the course of the piece, the sound of the river undergoes various electroacoustic manipulations: it is slowed down and filtered, individual “plops” are isolated and their natural fundamentals emphasised, and short, naturally-occurring rhythmic phrases are looped, all with the object of teasing out and highlighting the river´s natural harmonic and rhythmic characteristics. The piece thus aims to encourage and assist the listener in coming to a heightened musical appreciation of the sound of the river. Additionally, in the second half of the piece, the river sounds are combined with a sung vocal part, constructed from isolated words chosen for their “watery” characteristics; this reflects the way in which the sound of the river may be heard as made up from lots of individual plopping and bubbling sounds. The harmonic and rhythmic interplay between the vocal and the river sounds aims to articulate the potential for a fundamental reconnection between human and environment through a common musical language.
Jono Gilmurray is an electroacoustic composer, currently studying MMus Creative Sound and Media Technology at Bath Spa University. His compositional work stems from the belief in the potential of soundscape composition to inspire a vital reconnection between human beings and the ecosystem on which we all depend, and of which we are all an integral part.

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