Julian Gamisch: La mér recultiver

My soundscape comes from a imaginary future scenery, where a sea has been emptied, and only the shades and lost voices of live-forms are present. As the listeners enter this world, they can bring new imaginary live-forms besides their presence to this place.

Curriculum Vitae: julian philipp emanuel gamisch: August 2012 Julian Gamisch; born 1990 in Klagenfurt (Austria). 1996-2009 piano with Anna Nikiforova. 2005/06-2009 prestudies-composition with Thomas Modrej (Carinthian conservatory); 2005/06-2009 percussion with Roman Flammersfeld & Alex Brandstätter. Since authum 2009 composition-studies with Wolfgang Liebhart; counterpoint/Christian Minkowitsch; percussion/Harry Demmer & Anton Mühlhofer, piano/Natalie Baich (conservatory vienna privat-university). Diverse workshops and masterclasses: Massimo Rizzo (pantomime); Gerhard Rühm, Paul Urbanek & Wolfram Berger (poetry/literature); Christoph Cech & Thomas Simaku (composition); Harald Ossberger, Michael Lipp, Roland Batik (piano); Herbert Pirker, Gerhard Bergauer & Helmut Mauberger (percussion). Winner of the „phonofemme compositionscompetition“ 2011 in cooperation with “Wien modern”; Performance of “unten” in Lisinski (Croatia) and broadcast on the croation national radio. Exhibition of the film-project “enchanté” in the “Kunst und Handel”-galery in vienna and in “Kunsthaus” in Mürzzuschlag (Austria). 3.price at the “Gustav Mahler compositioncompetition 2012″.

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