Matthew Barnard: The Billows That Break

Billow: noun, a large undulating mass of something, typically cloud, smoke, or steam. (Archaic) a large sea wave. The Billows That Break explores the manifestations of energy in the sea and air around the Scarborough South Bay seafront and the sonic environments that accommodate them. The manifestations are varied, real and imagined: the lapping of tide to the slapping of wave on seawall… the whistling wind to the blustering gale… the effervescence of eddies to the simmering phone conversation (?) The Billows That Break was recorded binaurally. (Mild Language/Call Centre Animosity)

Based in the UK, Matthew Barnard is a composer and researcher investigating the compositional avenues of the binaural method of recording and reproduction. He is currently a lecturer in music technology at the University of Hull, Scarborough Campus.

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