Minna Hagman: Kylpy (bath)

The first inspiration for this work were the sounds of water drops dropping to the washbasin in an empty house. Every drop made a unique sound with its own pitch and this already sounded like a simple music. The second starting point of this work is the description of the city of Armilla in Italo Calvino´s novel “The Invisible Cities”. There are only water pipes left in this city, no floors, no walls, no ceilings. The pipes end in taps, showers, spouts, basins and bathtubs that are hanging like fruits from the boughs. The only inhabitants of the city are the nymphs that are bathing in the water which is running from the pipes. Sometimes you can hear them singing.

Minna Hagman has been working as a sound and video artist since the year 2005. Her works have been shown in several solo and group exhibitions, screenings and happenings in Finland, Denmark and Germany. Before starting to make sound and video art she had studied architecture and music and during her studies she got interested in the soundscape studies and started to think about the connection between sounds and architecture. This connection she has been exploring in her recent sound works.

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