Olga Palomaki: Passage

“Passage” is a journey to the world below an imaginary city in the imaginary near future. It’s a dive into its underground tunnels and man-made caves flooded by water. The soundscape is made using field recordings and studio-recorded sounds as instruments. The background noise of a city is combined to sounds of water, creating an illusion of a sonic environment of a place which doesn’t exist.

Olga Palomäki (*1980) is a visual artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Combining several different mediums, her work often deals with social issues and taboos, such as the concepts of alienation, otherness, loneliness, mental problems, suicide and death. Recently she has studied noise pollution and its effects on people and other lifeforms. As a result, she has approached the theme using field-recorded urban background noise as a medium to create soundscapes. Palomäki has participated in various solo-, group-, and joint exhibitions, film- and video festivals and screenings, and her sounds have been played on radio in Finland and other European countries.

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