Ros Bandt: Water dreaming

Water Dreaming 6:35, is the 7th movement of Medusa Dreaming, a site specific work I composed for the Unesco world heritage site, of one of the world´s most ancient and glorious water tanks, the 5th century Yerebatan Sarayi, a subterranean Cistern, built for Istanbul´s ancient Palace water supply. This premiere live performance, May 8, 2010, was recorded in the site by the Turkish Radio and post production by the ABC. I created the 8 channel surround sound files from water, the fish swimming, water jar harps, psalteries and invited three musicians to interpret the score and site with me, (Ros Bandt Tarhu bowed spike fiddle, air whistles, and flutes, Izzet Kizzil Percussion Turkish, Erdem Helvacioglu live electronics guitar and effects , and Natalia Mann Samoan/Turkish harpist. Words for water from many of the world´s cultures are heard dissolving together in the water: Hudor, ancient Greek, Nero Modern Greek, Su Turkish, Aqua, Italian, L´eau, French, Agua Spanish, Ahm Kurdish, Nam Thai, showing how this site is a model for the extreme care we should take in storing water supplies, human´s most precious need. Medusa Dreaming is a palimpsest of layers and movements inspired by the ancient Greek, the Byzantine, the Ottoman and the Modern histories of this acoustic space. A live hydrophone feed of the live fish swimming today in its waters is experienced by the audience that we might listen carefully to our water places each moment, now, and care for them intently.The Dreaming merges European mythology of the Medusa myth, apparent in the cistern in its stoa, with the aboriginal ancient concept of Dreaming, a cosmology older than 40,000 years of a culture which revered water, living in harmony with their environment for the longest continuing culture on earth. Together the musicians call for shared sustainable water practices by sounding this watery abyss in front of a full house on the slippery water corridors in the cistern, that we might work together to care for the worlds water. Water Dreaming celebrates this European world heritage site, a water tank, that we all must care for water, whatever the race, or creed or place. Thanks to the voices, the TRT the Ministry of Culture Istanbul for inviting me to do to concerts celebrating water and the ABC for post-production. Thank you to the musicians and my personal sound assistant Gunsel Isik Yilmaz and all who made this work possible.

Ros Bandt is a pioneering international Australian sound artist, composer, scholar who has devoted her life to unique soundings of acoustic spaces, deserts, heritage buildings, and waterways. Over half her work has been in environmental water care issues. In 2010 -2011 she lived in Greece and Turkey where she composed the international electro-acoustic symphony Medusa Dreaming for the Yerebatan Sarayi, the underground 5th century water cistern in Istanbul. Water Dreaming is one movement from it. Her double CD Isobue also investigates sustainable fishing of the Ama abalone divers in Japan and her Improvisations in acoustic chambers was made in a water tank. Her latest CD is BLUE GOLD against the beaureaucratisation of the world´s water. She has pioneered Sonic Archaeologies of the Mediterranean spending 5 years recording the soundscapes of ancient sites for her Thrausmata , ancient greek fragments, commissioned by the West Deutsche Rundfunk, published by Move Records. She is the 2012 recipient of the Fanny Cochrane Smith for sound heritage. In 2011 she spent 5 months recording the stories and soundscapes of an endangered community in Crete, the Etz Hayyim Synagogue, beginning a new sound archive there. Hearing Places is her international anthology.

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