Sebastiane Hegarty: A Flood of Winter

A Flood of Winter is a soundwalk based on recordings made during winter (2010-2012) in the Winnall Moors Nature Reserve, Winchester, England. The recordings were made with the assistance and support of the Hampshire Wildlife Trust (HWT) as part of a larger “winnall moors: soundwalk” project. Within walking distance of Winchester City centre, Winnall Moors Reserve is situated in a unique location: a place where the urban and rural coincide. The reserve offers a rich and diverse landscape with chalk streams, fen meadow, wet grassland and woodland. For centuries the moors has been a part of the agricultural and human landscape of the area. Secluded by the city and the motorways that surround it, the moors remain an area of wilderness, where people may escape the concerns of everyday life and the combustion of commerce. A Flood of Winter, explores the moors as a site of social, ecological and acoustic history. The soundwalk moves through the unfolding environment combining elements of natural and human history with a more sensual investigation of the sonic substance of water, as it flows, drips, cracks and thaws. The wetness of the landscape is reflected in the compositional approach; the edges of place and substance are worn away, so that they may drift and mingle. Introduced with spoken memories of the communal “flooding” of the area in the 1950´s, the frozen moor cracks and melts accompanied by the hollow chorus of dawn on Christmas Day. The dull crush of snow underfoot progresses into the vibration of water moving through a river hatch out into the moor, the voices of children rent the landscape with human presence, as they (kick) sample for life hidden in the rivers bed. The chalk with which this bed is laid, is composed of the fossilised remains of prehistoric oceans, as the walk concludes, the sound of CO2 escaping from this chalk, is dissolved amongst the acid percussion of rainfall on a metal gate.

Sebastiane Hegarty is an artist, writer and lecturer. His creative practice is interdisciplinary and time-based in nature, including sound, installation, photography, performance, drawing and text. His work is concerned with memory through an exploration of the relationship between time, place, and sensation. Most recently this has focused on acoustic ecology and the perceptual geographies of sound and audition. Sebastiane has exhibited extensively in a wide range of media. Most recently his audio essay, Listening and Walking (2011) was commissioned & broadcast by BBC Radio 3 and a two-part documentary, Soundscapes of the South (2011) was broadcast by BBC Radio Solent. In 2010, the voice artist Yvon Bonenfant commissioned Sebastiane, to produce a visual and tactile score, for the Masz project, the video of which premiered in New York (2011). His sound work has featured on international radio stations and festivals including FrammentAzioni at the TEM Contemporanea Festival (Udine: Italy, 2008) and Framework (Resonance FM). His essay, Lets hear what we can see, accompanies the DVD release of Guy Sherwin´s Optical Sound Films (Lux: London, 2008). Sebastiane received his PhD from the Winchester School of Art at Southampton University in 2003. He lives and works in Winchester, England.

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